What is Domain name and Hosting Service

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After reading this article, all your doubts about domains and hosting will clear. And if you have any other doubt regarding this topic, please send them to me in the comment section.
What is Domain name and Hosting Service

To start a blog, basically you need two things - Domain name and hosting

Domain name -

Domain name is the address at which visitors came to your blog and read your articles like in my case it is bloggingable.com.
You can get domain name for free and by paying some money. Free domains are worst. They are not SEO friendly. These domains can not rank in the search engines. You can also get subdomains for free like on blogger, you can get blogspot.com Subdomain for free or in wordpress.com , you can get wordpress.com subdomain for free. And domains with extensions like .com  , .net , .org are all paid domains. But for my opinion , you must but a .com domain , you can easily buy a .com domain for $10. Visitors trust your content if  your site is hosted on a .com domain. You can get .ml , .tk , .cf domians for free for the the first year. There are tons of domain extensions avalable in the market but the .com , .net , .org are the top level domains which are recommened.
What is Domain name and Hosting Service

Before buying or choosing a free domain name, you must select your niche. Niche is any topic on which you write articles in your website. Like if you want to write articles on mobile phones then you must buy a domain relating mobile phones. Like in this website , the niche is blogging and it is also included in this domain name. Here, I want to clear this doubt that you can't copy anything from other sites , as your website can be suspended by hte ad networks like google adsense, media.net etc.

Note ;- You should not start a general blog in which you write articles about anything with different niches. As these type of blogs are not ranked in the search engines.

Hosting -

Hosting is the space or storage in which your site has been stored. You can get this by paying money to hosting services or for free. Free hosting services are not recommended by me or any other blogger.As  free hosting makes your website veryt slow and you are prohibited for doing anything. In free hosting, You also have to give credits to them in their website. But Google logger is a free hosting which is suitable for a blog. You can attach your domain in this platform and start your blog. There are also some restrictions in google blogger but these can be avoided. It is a product of google. So, It is faster than the paid hosting services.
What is Domain name and Hosting Service

In the name of hosting , you must heard about the Wordpress. But in reality, Wordpress is nothing but an advanced Content Management System. It manages your content beautifully. It also have a lot of free plugins which makes your blog more professional. You have heard that wordpress is paid but in reality wordpress is completely free but the hosting where you install it is paid.There are many companies which provides high quality paid hosting and you can install wordpress on them.


But if you are a beginner in all these concepts and want to start a professional looking blog then start with blogger and stay tuned to this website if you want to make your blog more professional and beautiful. Hope your doubts about the domain and hosting has been cleared.

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